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How to Ignore Bloglovin’ RSS Frame in your WordPress Blog

Bloglovin’ is a RSS-based platform that keeps you updated with all your favorite blogs. To use it, you have to build your profile by adding the blogs you want to “follow”. Then, Bloglovin’ sends you an email every time there’s a new blogpost. All’s good, right? But, wait a moment! If you try to read…

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Sorting Woocommerce Products Randomly

Without doubt, Woocommerce, a WordPress extension, is a great choice for developers who want to easily build an e-commerce site. In this quick tip, we’ll explore how to create a Random sorting order for our products. By default, Woocommerce arranges the products in one of the following ways: Default sorting (custom ordering + name). Popularity…

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Responsive design

A few years ago, most people had an 800 × 600 screen resolutions and Liquid Design was the extra touch needed for the very few with higher resolution monitors. With liquid design websites, everything kept in place but blocks of content were scalable in width. You had two things for the price of one and…

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E-commerce platforms

We are big fans of Open Source software – we believe OS is a win-win situation for all the parties involved. It brings down cost for the stakeholders, it provides a solid starting point for the development, it reduces development time, and if done correctly, OS scores high marks on scalability and maintainability as well.…

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Hosting & Support

Dynamic websites are a bit trickier to setup because they require a database server as well as scripting support – php for the open source platforms we use. There are a lot of hosting providers out there, some offering really bottom-dollar prices – and services! Some things to consider: – Performance: what happens on a…

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SEO Vs Adwords

Online marking – very serious business here. Q: What is the point of creating a website with only a handful of visitors a day in a global communication channel? A: None. Online marketing consists mainly of two channels: Adwords PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Both channels have advantages and disadvantages one needs to…

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