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We are big fans of Open Source software – we believe OS is a win-win situation for all the parties involved.

It brings down cost for the stakeholders, it provides a solid starting point for the development, it reduces development time, and if done correctly, OS scores high marks on scalability and maintainability as well.

With regards to e-commerce solutions, there are currently a number of open source platforms out there that can provide a reliable solution in developing an online shop – let’s have a look at some of them:

In a relatively short space of time, it has achieved remarkable success, and its recent acquisition by eBay indicates little intent to slow down.

OpenCart is known for being a speedy way to get an e-Commerce site online and for having an easy-to-work-with codebase. Not as full-featured or “entreprisey” as Magento, it is nevertheless an excellent platform.

Virtuemart for Joomla!
VirtueMart is not independent shopping cart, but an e-Commerce addition of a Content Management System – Joomla! A a lightweight plug in, easy in installation and customization, optimal for startups and small sized stores.

e-Commerce for WordPress
The best e-commerce solution for WordPress. WP e-commerce is one of the most used out there in this space, with a number of features that can cover fairly complex e-commerce processes.

The oldest of the lot. The software itself has been developed and improved over the years and new additions and add-ons are submitted on a daily basis. The result is a user-friendly, secure and stable ecommerce shopping cart.

Is your business utilising the global sales channel that an e-commerce solution can provide? With Double Dot support, it can!

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