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Dynamic websites are a bit trickier to setup because they require a database server as well as scripting support – php for the open source platforms we use.

There are a lot of hosting providers out there, some offering really bottom-dollar prices – and services!

Some things to consider:
– Performance: what happens on a sudden traffic surge? A tv appearance / interview on a popular blog?
– Redundancy architecture: Servers are computers too and computers do break down. What is the backup situation on your hosting account?
– Space/bandwith restrictions: Space and bandwidth are no longer expensive – look out for any hidden charges!
– GDN – do you need a Global Delivery Network? Maybe you do if you plan to do a lot of streaming to a global audience

Double Dot offers a single point of contact for webmaster services offering:
– Domain registrations
– Grid Hosting on European Servers
– Email provision: Webmail with buckets of storage!
– Website & Email backup
– Phone support on hosting issues

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