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Online marking – very serious business here.

Q: What is the point of creating a website with only a handful of visitors a day in a global communication channel?

A: None.

Online marketing consists mainly of two channels: Adwords PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Both channels have advantages and disadvantages one needs to consider before committing resources to either approach. Here’s a quick comparison.

Adwords PPC:

Minimal Impact – Most sites won’t need to make design or layout changes in order to use PPC.

Instant – Traffic can start flowing in a matter of minutes once a campaign has been launched.

Pay On Performance – You only pay when you receive traffic. If you do not receive traffic, you owe nothing.

Precise Keyword Targeting – You chose the keyword terms under which you appear. This allows you to run tightly focused campaigns.

Region Control – You control the regions and countries in which people see the ads.

Buy Position – want to rank #1? You can pretty much buy it with PPC.

Control Your Budget – You can specify how much you want to pay for any given period, and you can stop and re-start campaigns when it suits you.


SEO is long-term strategy – As soon as you stop paying PPC bids, or any other paid advertising, your site will stop receiving traffic. While, search engine traffic doesn’t stop just like that.

Organic results are more trustworthy – If you do a quick search, you’ll find many reports and articles showing that people tend to trust organically grown results more than sponsored results.

One investment for all benefits – The majority of search engines have a similar algorithm. If you focus on any one-search engine and try to rank there, you can expect traffic from other search engines as well!

Age does matter! – As an optimised website gets older, its rankings get better. This is because search engines algorithm considers age as one of deciding factors. This means less effort is required to rank or maintain your rankings.

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