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A few years ago, most people had an 800 × 600 screen resolutions and Liquid Design was the extra touch needed for the very few with higher resolution monitors. With liquid design websites, everything kept in place but blocks of content were scalable in width. You had two things for the price of one and your visitors weren’t dependent any longer on their screen resolution.

Once the monitor prices dropped, everyone changed their big boxes into beautiful widescreen displays. Liquid design disappeared rather quickly because it wasn’t necessary anymore. What’s the use of a liquid design on a 1920px screen?

Right now we are in a similar transition. We are faced with an enormous variety of screen resolutions and platforms (smart phones, tablets, netbooks only to list a few) – the solution to this – Responsive Design.

Responsive Design is the approach that a design should be flexible enough to adapt to the screen size and platform of the visiting user. Since it is estimated that in 2013 the mobile decives will overtake desktop PCs as a dominant global internet platform, Responsive Design is a must-have for those who wish to plan ahead and facilitate the new, mobile-driven web experience.

Check out this fantastic infogram by Sean Zimmerman

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