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The literature of it all

Our species has been travelling since the dawn of time. Thankfully, we have evolved from fighting for caves to booking hotels. We have also evolved from trying to cover the bare need to seeking exclusivity, luxury and unique experiences. Maybe, the next step in the evolution of our species will include a hump and a cellphone shaped hand. Not a pretty picture, however quite probable, as we constantly scroll down, needing new things that we didn’t know existed just a minute ago. Our choices are infinite and you need to stand out.

In recent years the internet, social media and online bookings have shifted the travel industry dramatically. Throw a post pandemic era in the mixture and you have a whole new world to make your mark in and a whole new set of travellers to attract. And you need to make it easy for them to find you, choose you and most importantly like you, remember you and share you.

Whether you are a boutique, a small, a leading, a design or a luxury hotel and everything in between, you need strategies and execution in order to become the new desire and get high quality bookings.

Talk to us and we will make sure that you will get the tailor made strategy that you need

Your needs

For you to adapt and excel in this new world, you must have an attractive digital presence that represents the unique experience you offer.

Based on your uniqueness, you can identify your target group of travellers and turn them from viewers to customers. And a solid base of happy customers that will come back and also recommend you to their friends or to anyone who is willing to listen, can solve your problems of seasonality. You know, those stressful gaps in your booking calendar.

And remember, you also need to make it easy on your customers and offer online bookings and additional services, which will also minimise your dependency on travel agents and OTAs. It’s a win-win situation. Not so for the travel agencies though.

To make it short, sweet and very official, you need to build awareness, increase visibility, convey image/experience, sell bookings to the right customers, cross-sell additional services and a complete digital transformation.

Does all that sound like a lot? You don’t know where to start or how to go about it?

Luckily for you, we specialise in exactly all that. And we have done it before, with great success. And we have the process to prove it and boy, do we love processes.

Our process

Now, let’s get down to business. We follow concrete steps to come up with the most effective strategy and action plan for your hotel.

  • We analyse

    We combine the information about your business, with our knowledge of the hospitality sector and the digital environment to come up with a tailor made digital strategy that will lead to the achievement of your business goals.

  • We define

    We create a roadmap for the project that utilises the digital tools required to carry out the digital strategy. A detailed plan of actions for each discipline is laid out with concrete milestones and deliverables.

  • We implement

    Our team of experts start delivering the actions of the detailed plan, using their expertise to apply the most effective practices and making sure they are completely aligned with the agreed strategy and goals.

  • We report

    At agreed intervals, our team delivers tailor made reports that cover the results of the undertaken activities, insights on potential opportunities and required adjustments that can improve the effectiveness/performance of the digital strategy.

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What Double Dot can do for you

In Double Dot, being a boutique ourselves, we understand the needs of your boutique hotel and we have a variety of services for you to pick and choose from, based on your particular needs and your wished outcome.

  • Buyer personas
    • We can help you identify the profiles of your current customers and decide what other opportunities exist, based on your offering.
    • We can help you identify the profiles of your ideal customers and take that into consideration in shaping the digital strategy.
  • Website design and development
    • Websites are the first impression a potential customer has, in their search for the perfect accommodation. Therefore, it is important that their needs are met immediately on your website, by having a multi language content and a booking engine integrated.
    • The look and feel of your website must not only comply with your hotel branding, but most importantly, it should reflect the experience the customer will have during their stay, with best practices being the use of photos and videos, showcasing amenities and additional services.
    • Your website should make it easy to convert visitors into customers online, with the right design and the seamless integration of the website with the booking engine of your hotel. This translates to a clear call-to-action, with a user friendly interface and best UX practices.
    • Your website needs to be mobile friendly and travellers need to be able to finalise a booking easily and efficiently, regardless of the device they are using, as they are making bookings on the go. This requires a responsive web design.
  • Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

    We can audit your website to ensure maximum convertibility that will turn visits into direct bookings.

  • Search engine optimization

    Good organic rankings are crucial, when taking into consideration that 90% of travellers will do their research online.

    To stand out from the competition, your hotel needs a clear SEO strategy and implementation plan:

    • We have the right tools to identify the keywords travellers are using in their search and monitor your organic position against competitors.
    • We have the tools and the expertise to spot where there may be opportunities for fast improvement.
    • We have the expertise to plan the necessary actions, in order to improve organic rankings, with content optimization, metadata optimization, blog posts, link building.
    • We monitor and report on progress.
  • Google ads campaigns
    • Enhance your hotel brand’s online visibility, with paid search channels that increase qualified guests, converting traffic to your website.
    • With careful research, meticulous keyword selection and in-depth analysis of results we are able to deliver targeted, tailormade campaigns with industry leading ROI.
    • We understand the potential customer’s journey from research to booking and we are able to target them at every step of the journey
  • Social media campaigns
    • Social media is an important part of the potential customer’s research. Your hotel needs to secure a strong presence in this process.
    • Campaigns with objectives that range from building awareness to increasing social followings, can further help your hotel convert the traffic of your website or your social profiles, to actual sales.
  • Email marketing
    • Keeping in contact with regular, new and potential customers is a necessary step to generate direct bookings and to build customer loyalty.
      Identify newsletter themes that will drive traffic to your website.
    • Attractive template design, aligned with the overall branding/experience.
    • Contact list segmentation, to facilitate communicating to the right audience on each occasion.
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