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Website Migrations

Service Overview

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Humans have been migrating since the dawn of time. But this is the intro for a very different article. However, websites migrate as well. As web trends and available functionality are ever evolving, chances are that your website will need a major facelift or even a complete redesign, after a few years in operation. Maybe you are even thinking of changing your domain or the architecture of your website altogether. There are some illegal plastic surgeons that can change faces and support migrations with non extradition treaties, but again, different article, back to websites.

Replacing a website is all fine and dandy and legal, however it can have a detrimental impact on its current rankings and position in search engines’ results, if the migration process is not handled properly. Double Dot will make sure that Google is given the right signals during a website migration, so that you get to maintain your rankings and organic traffic, after the migration to the new website.

We will smoothly transfer your website into its brand new life, rid of all the sins of the past
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If one or more of these situations become relevant, you should consider a managed SEO migration service. And Double Dot will make the transition as smooth as possible.

  • Changing your website’s structure, navigation or design

    When your old design needs a refresh or its structure and navigation are found problematic for crawlers.

  • Moving to a new framework or CMS

    To improve your website’s performance, security or functionality.

  • Adding a mobile version

    Special care is needed, when a separate mobile version of your website is available to search engines.

  • Moving from HTTP to HTTPS

    You want to get rid of that scary pop-up that tells your visitors that your website is not safe to browse. Furthermore, special care is needed here in order to avoid duplicate content.

  • Moving to a new server

    Switching to a new server could speed up your website, and the migration process should be handled with care, for a seamless transition.

  • Changing your domain name

    As a part of rebranding or even a change in direction, changing your domain name involves a website migration, to ensure the new domain receives all the SEO juice from the old one.

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Double Dot can do the packing for you

Partner up with Double Dot, as we have performed dozens of successful website migrations. We have developed the process to monitor all the details needed, so that your organic traffic is not affected when moving to the new website.

  • Plan the move

    Depending on the type of migration, we plan the steps needed in advance and agree on the migration roadmap.

  • Benchmark current organic traffic & rankings

    This will help us have a reference point, in terms of all organic traffic and a comparison for after the migration is completed.

  • Technical Audit

    A set of checks around crawlability, indexability, site speed and duplicate content is performed with premium SEO tools and Google’s Webmaster Tools suite.

  • Audit fixes

    Our technical team fixes any issues that have emerged, as a result of the audit.

  • Migrate URLs

    Our team of SEO specialists will perform a detailed URL migration map, so that all the URLs from the old website are accounted for and handled accordingly.

  • Monitor organic vitals

    After the migration to the new website, a set of tests that cover key organic vitals is performed on a regular basis, to identify how search engines are discovering and indexing the new website.

  • Make adjustments and fine tune

    Identify any problematic areas and proceed with the appropriate actions, in order to resolve issues related to the new website’s indexation.

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