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SEO Audit

Service Overview

Audit your SEO to be a happy CEO

Audits are very serious business. And as you are taking your business very seriously, you need to identify what is limiting your website from having an optimal position in Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs). And as we also take your business very seriously, we offer a 360 service that consists of running the SEO audit, generating a report with findings and proceeding with implementing the fixes alongside our web developers.

We vigorously compare your website/eshop against a carefully selected list of over 150 checkpoints and produce a list of actions to be taken, in order to address all issues found in a prioritised manner. Our checklist includes items around crawlability, indexability, accessibility (and all things ending with -ility), site speed, link profiling, architecture, mobile friendliness, duplicate content, structured data, on-page optimisation and local SEO.

The SEO Audit will get you SERP-sharp
All the reasons why

An SEO Audit is important, in order to get your website in tip-top shape for search engines! Here is why you need an SEO Audit for:

  • Algorithms Changes

    Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to protect the user and provide better search results and you need to be aware of these changes, so you can make adjustments to your website’s content accordingly.

  • Webmaster’s Guidelines

    Popular webmaster tools are continually changing, so you need to make sure you are compliant and use the full set of features they can offer.

  • Website Errors

    It is important for your website to be free of server error messages and broken links, as this will hinder the search engines task to crawl your website. Performing the audit will expose the errors, enabling you to redirect them and give the correct signals to crawlers.

  • Titles and meta-data

    Title tags and meta descriptions are the first thing visitors will read about your website in organic search results. It is important that they are relevant and engaging to attract visitors.

  • Outdated Content

    It is important to provide relevant and fresh content to search engines, and give them a reason to come back. An SEO Audit will check the freshness of your content and crawl rate.

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How Double Dot got you covered

An SEO Audit checklist by Double Dot covers the following areas, with more than 150 points checked in total. It is constantly adjusted, based on the latest algorithm changes.

  • Crawlability

    Ensure your website gets crawled by search engines, at the right frequency and serving the right content. A search engine crawler (or bot) does not view websites as real visitors do, as they only care about its content and not the style in which it is presented.

  • Indexability

    Ensure your website is indexed on search engines results page (SERP) with all key web-pages and without duplicates that may occur.

  • Accessibility

    Ensure your site is fully accessible for all users, including ones with accessibility disabilities

  • Site speed

    Check the loading times and fix issues concerning core web vitals. Compare against your competitors performance and ensure it beats it 😉

  • Link profiling

    Check the health of your websites backlinks and disavow any problematic, low quality, malicious links that may exist

  • Architecture

    Ensure your website uses breadcrumbs, internal linking, search and menus in an SEO-optimised way that helps crawlability and indexation

  • Mobile friendliness

    Ensure your website is mobile friendly according to the standards of search engines

  • Duplicate content

    Identify and treat duplicate content accordingly, as it is a major negative SEO signal. Search engines treat this as you trying to cheat by creating identical content for their results page, something that most of the times unintentionally by the website’s engine.

  • Structured data

    Identify opportunities for structured data content and produce the right markup for it. Structure markup helps search engines understand and categorise content better and – in some cases- award with prime real estate on their organic results.

  • Onpage optimisation

    Ensure the title, meta description, images and text is optimised, based on the keywords we want to rank for.

  • Local SEO

    Is your Google Local business profile optimised? What is your presence on Google maps and relevant searches?

The 360 service you need, to crawl up the SERPs


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