Service Overview

Web applications development

Service Overview

Yeah, web apps baby!

Whether you are a new startup or an established company, we can help you capture the unique requirements and needs of your business and convert them into a custom web application that delivers the functionality in streamlined user flows. And we can also do some more cool stuff. Like bringing your product to life with a user-centric approach and offering your users a rich, interactive experience using web technologies.

Facebook started off as a web app, if Mark had his, you should too!

More than just cool

There is a lot of discussion about Web apps vs. Mobile apps, however we don't think it is an either/or scenario. And besides the coolness of having your own web app, there are quite a few more reasons to invest in one.

  • High portability

    Web apps can be accessed from any device, as they run on a web browser like any other website.

  • Convenience

    Web apps do not need to be downloaded or installed/updated – a browser and internet connection is all you need to run them. You get most of the benefits of mobile apps, with none of the hassle.

  • Easier deployment

    No need to host your files on the Apple App Store / Google Play – your web app is deployed directly on the server of your choice, without the need of an intermediate platform.

  • Easier maintenance

    Any updates on the functionality can be incorporated directly onto the web app for all users, no need to have different versions and limited/restricted functionality for some of your users.

  • More transparency

    You get to know your user’s details as they don’t pass through the platforms’ filters.

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Pick up your app

And there are a few types of web apps to choose from:

  • Client-side web apps

    Dominant in front-end development, with the user interface being the driver of the functionality

  • Server-side web apps

    Dominant in back-end development, including databases, servers, application programming interfaces (APIs), and background processes / batch jobs

  • Single-page web apps (SPAs)

    Work on a browser and do not require page reloading during use, therefore offering an outstanding user experience

What Double Dot can do for you

We deliver an agile-based project, built around user stories, following a specific process, that works every time.

  • User personas

    Together, we define who your users are, what makes them tick, what makes them happy and what frustrates them. This will be the basis of our user stories development.

  • User stories

    Describe the actions that the users will perform in the web app, with a specific syntax and acceptance criteria. This will form the product’s backlog and the basis of the sprint planning phase.

  • Sprint planning

    Break down and prioritise user stories in manageable chunks and size them accordingly. Map the sprints needed in order to produce the discussed functionality and bring together the delivery team (product owner, designers, developers), in order to discuss possible roadblocks and dependencies.

  • Sprint execution

    Cross-discipline teams work together, in a specific timeline, in order to deliver the sprint requirements. User flows, prototyping, front-end / back-end development and QA is happening at this phase, under the vigilant eye of the scrum master.

  • Most Valuable Product (MVP) delivery

    At the end of each sprint, a product version of the web-app is delivered, packaged in a way that can work autonomously. Successive sprint deliveries add functionality on top of the previous ones, until a mutually agreed MVP is delivered.

  • Product deployment & support

    All our web apps are hosted on a premium European data centre, to ensure maximum performance and security. Google and Amazon infrastructure can also be supported. After the site go-live, we are here to help you with any change requests, bug fixes and enhancements.

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