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Service Overview

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Hey, that’s me! My favourite subject, thus the exclamation mark. Content marketing is the process of creating and publishing content on websites and e-shops, aiming to reach your target audience when searching online, with relevant search queries. SEO campaigns have zero chance of success, without a steady stream of relevant content. Furthermore, relevant and engaging content can increase brand awareness and secure inbound links, from websites with high authority, in an accelerated way.

Bring traffic to your website by telling a story in a way that feels authentic, engaging and tailored to your audience, thank me later.

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Why words are important

Content is the Queen of them all, as both search engines and users love to consume it.

  • Increase online visibility

    Attract more customers and website visitors, by offering educational and informative content, about a topic they’re interested in.

  • Generate more leads

    Drive traffic, build trust and help users feel more comfortable, purchasing from your business.

  • Boost loyalty

    Offering content that informs users, can help them build trust with your brand and the more loyal your customers are, the more repeat purchases they’ll make.

  • Improve authority

    Developing content is ideal for improving authority and becoming a thought leader in your industry. It can position your brand as the most authoritative, on a particular topic.

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DYI tips

Content needs to be helpful to users, as any Queen should and it's a game of quality rather than quantity, obviously.

  • Be original

    Aim to create original content, as search engines have smart algorithms to determine non-original content, which can trigger negative SEO signals.

  • Answer questions

    Is a way to have a chance to get featured on Google’s featured snippets, which show up at the top of search results.

  • Be accurate

    Stats and sources to back up your statements, helps build trust with users and creates a resource other sites will want to link to.

  • Engage readers

    No one will consume boring content. Use an engaging tone of voice, ask questions to create a conversation and utilise interactive elements, such as polls, contests and surveys.

  • Add images and videos

    Images and videos break up long content and make it easier for users to remain focused.

  • Eliminate fluff and get to the point

    Avoid useless modifiers and make sure every heading is useful to site visitors.

  • Be consistent

    A single piece of good content is not enough. If you want to improve your rankings, especially in competitive keywords, you need to create content on a regular basis.

What Double Dot will do for you

Double Dot has a proven process that supplements your SEO campaign, with relevant and engaging content.

  • Deduce a content strategy

    Brainstorm and discuss the duration, topics, types and frequency of content delivery that will supercharge your SEO campaign.

  • Decide on content topics

    Identify content topics that emerge from the keyword research and break these down into different content types.

  • Decide on content types

    Have a healthy mix of different content types, from simple textual content on a blog post, to an engaging poll or an animated infographic.

  • Create a content calendar

    Decide on the frequency and channels of content creation and plan a calendar that will drive content creation.

  • Optimise existing content

    In case of existing content, our team can help optimise its use for SEO purposes.

  • Arrange for new content delivery

    From posting on the company’s own website, to reaching out to major news outlets that may reproduce and share your content.

  • Measure results

    Identify impact of each piece of content on your website statistics and user journey.

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