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Google Shopping Ads

Service Overview

Be there when they want you

Imagine your potential shopper, googling the exact product you are selling. They don’t have to visit your e-shop to find it, it appears right there in front of their eyes, for them to click on it and buy it. Google Shopping Ads skip so many stages of research, for those who know exactly what they want and for you to offer them exactly that. With Google Shopping Ads, you can showcase your e-shop’s product catalogue, to super relevant audiences looking for your products on Google.

Have your eshop present at every stage of the shopping journey and acquire new customers or create a stronger connection with the ones you already have. Through an easily creatable product feed from your eshop, your products will be shown to millions of people, shopping each day across all Google properties including Search, YouTube and Maps.

Double Dot is a registered Google Partner that can help you set up and optimise Google Shopping ads for your ecommerce website and convert online traffic Into loyal buyers.

Let’s get you on the Google Shopping Ads carousel and have you spinning around
Why Google Shopping Ads?

Enhance brand awareness in the most cost-effective way.

  • Amazing visibility for your products

    Google Shopping Ads increase your product’s visibility on Google Search. The ads appear first in the searches, in a carousel for up to twenty ad positions.

  • Greater return on investment for e-shops

    They perform better across a whole range of important metrics, click-through rate (CTR), cost-per-click (CPC) and conversion rate.

  • Drive your offline sales

    Take advantage of the opportunity to reach customers online, so that they buy from you offline.

  • Broader reach

    Google has expanded the channels where Shopping Ads are displayed, to include the shopping tab on Google Search, Google images, Google search partner websites and the Google Display Network, including YouTube and Gmail.

  • Qualified traffic

    With this ad format, quantity goes hand in hand with quality, as your ads are shown to people with clear customer intent.

  • Automation

    After Google merchant accounts and product feeds are created, the ads themselves are automated by Google.

  • Valuable reporting tools

    Google Shopping Ads provide comprehensive data on how your products are performing, including product-specific reporting and benchmarking.

  • Optimal display on mobile devices

    As they fill out a separate real estate on mobile devices search results, an e-shop running Google Shopping ads will have more chances of its products being seen on mobile devices.

What Double Dot can do for you

Double Dot has demonstrated experience in starting and optimising successful Google Shopping ads for online stores.

  • Google merchant centre setup

    We will ensure your product feed is added successfully on Google merchant centre and resolve any issues that may occur.

  • Shopping feed optimisation

    As Shopping Ads get triggered based on the content of the feed, it needs to be optimised in order to improve the relevance of the ads titles, descriptions, attributes and images.

  • Shopping feed monitoring & synchronisation

    As new products are added to the website, we ensure your feed stays relevant and synced, with what appears on the Google merchant centre.

  • Feed categorisation

    We categorise your e-shop feed, based on a number of categories that are useful, in order to get the best out of its usage. Best sellers, high margin and seasonal products, are only a few of the categories we use to manage your shopping campaign.

  • Budget management

    To ensure that your campaigns stay within the agreed budget, our team of experts will monitor the cost of each campaign daily to prevent overspending.

  • Bidding strategy

    We will identify the best bidding strategy for your campaign, based on the desired outcome, competition and costs.

  • Correct tracking usage

    Ensure tracking is in place correctly on all ads, so that performance results can be measured from all campaigns.

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Why with Double Dot, you ask?

Double Dot has years of experience and a number of successful shopping ads under our belt, we know how to get the job done.

  • Tailor made approach

    We don’t have a super market approach, every project we undertake is different and we take the necessary time, in order to fully understand its needs.

  • Ongoing optimisation

    We will identify new opportunities, for optimising product pages and review targeting and bidding for your shopping ads as the campaign unfolds.

  • Team with great experience

    Our team has extensive experience in running Google Shopping Ads for e-shops and online retailers.

  • Standard daily, weekly and monthly checks

    We are proud to have developed our internal operating process, in terms of how your campaign will be managed, with daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

  • Your own designated account manager

    No middle people and lost in translation. Your dedicated account manager will thoroughly understand your project and map its needs on Google Ads platform.

  • Access to Google premium support

    We are official Google Partners, so we are in direct contact with Google managers for questions, insights and support that can offer extra boost to your account’s performance.

  • Focus on bottom line results

    Our goal is always to improve your return on investment.

  • Data driven decisions

    We will always have your best interest in mind and support our actions with data we gather from the campaigns.

  • Custom reporting

    We are proud to offer detailed and tailor-made reporting for each project we undertake, which forms the basis of our discussion for campaign results, optimization and next steps.

  • Consulting

    We will proactively advise you on best practices, changes in the trends, new technologies in the horizon and legislations that may affect your campaigns online.

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