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Service Overview

It’s time to roll up the sleeves

So, you have created your own website, looks good, reads good, finally you are done! You think? How about the latest versions, security improvements and bug fixes, addition of new features, technical SEO, performance optimisation, content upload, integrations with third party systems? These are only a few examples of web support that websites may need, after they go live. Who is going to perform those tasks? Although owning a website is just like owning a house or a car, it needs regular attention and maintenance, in order to remain functional and perform well, those things are not like simple plumbing or changing a tire. Assuming that you are actually performing such tasks at home.

Double Dot offers high quality maintenance and support services, from a fully in-house team that consists of experienced digital project managers, web designers and web developers, so that your website is always at its best form!

We are the Super Mario to your website, coming to your rescue, with all our tools!
What Double Dot can do for you

Double Dot has got you covered, with high quality support services you can rely on.

  • Updates to latest versions

    As your phone or your smart-watch, your website needs to be updated to the latest version, from time to time. This is to ensure that security patches are applied, as well as new features and performance improvements. We make sure updates are performed in a safe, managed way and all issues are taken care of, before we release your website back to the public domain.

  • Emergency support

    The digital ecosystem can feel like the wild West sometimes, with hackers, bots and malicious software, trying to gain control of innocent websites that mind their own business. In the unfortunate circumstance of your website being hacked, we are here to help get control back, identify the security issue, clean up the infected code, apply the right security patch and get your website up and running again.

  • Security improvements

    Our expert system administrators can proactively identify vulnerabilities, harden your website’s security, by adding layers of protection, to reduce the risk of a website attack.

  • Bug fixes

    Our team of experienced developers will identify and resolve any issues, related to functionality or user experience.

  • Addition of new features

    Change in your business or client’s needs is expected and welcomed. We make a great support team and will have you covered, by adding new functionality and features where needed.

  • Technical SEO

    Our developers will ensure there is nothing between your website and search engines that hinders the visibility of your asset, on organic results.

  • Performance optimisation

    We will ensure high rates in core web vitals, by making your website load faster and so you will get happy visitors, as well as better rankings on search engines.

  • Content upload

    We will help you with uploading, curating and optimising your content, when you don’t have the time or resources to do so. We can help with manual content curation, as well as offer automated content upload solutions via bulk uploads.

  • Integration with third party systems

    Do you have an ERP or CRM your website needs to connect to, in order to have a streamlined workflow and reduce manual tasks? Not a problem! Our experienced back-end developers can help with any system integration needs you may have.

  • Funnel creation and tracking

    Whether you are doing digital marketing campaigns or just want to have a high level view of what is happening in your website, we can help add tracking and create funnels in your website.

  • Cookie management

    With the latest changes around GDPR and cookie management, it is important to have your website compliant with GDPR at all times and explore alternative technical options in order to collect data.

Choose what you actually need

In Double Dot we offer various web support packages, so that you can choose the one that is right for you:

  • Ticket based support

    For ease of mind and the lower rates, this is the support package to go for. You get priority service to the Double Dot support team, your own dedicated support manager and a hefty discount on our hourly rates. Support tickets are pre-purchased, they don’t expire and can be used for any support action on your website.

  • Pay-as-you-go support

    For maximum flexibility, this package is for those projects with little support needs, over the year. Each support request is treated and quoted separately and is then handed over to our support team, in order to be materialised.

  • Support retainers

    This option is better suited for bigger projects, with frequent support needs. A dedicated support team is made up of experienced digital project managers and web developers, who manage your day to day requirements and requests via a support desk, for a fixed monthly retainer fee.

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Here is what some of our clients say about our web support services

  • Double Dot is a very reliable partner, who tries to support in the best possible way.
  • The best team!
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