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The literature of it all

E-shops were a thing. They were a thing for all those digital little freaks. And then a global pandemic hit and we all found ourselves in lockdown, with pretty much nothing to do and nowhere to spend our money. That’s when e-shops became the new massive thing for everyone, grandmas included, buying purple neon little crosses they didn’t know they needed, until they found them. And e-shops are here to stay, with all the convenience, variety and ease they offer, of ordering things from the comfort of our loo. The internet is now like a mall, without all the parking struggles.

On the other end of the scrolling activity are you, the retailers that are new in the digital commerce world or e-shop owners that wish to increase your performance. Right next to you is us, Double Dot that can bring your retail business online, with a presence that you, us and our grandmas will be proud of.

Talk to us and let’s make all our grandmas happy

Your needs

You may or may not know the features that your e-shop needs, however we do know them and we are ready to check them off your list, that you may or may not have just yet.

  • Unique design, so that your eshop looks and feels 100% unique and tailored to your needs
  • Smart search, to allow easy and fast location of products in large inventories
  • Optimised for mobile phones, with best practices on responsive design
  • Optimised for conversions, with user experience that aims at maximum convertibility
  • Optimised checkout, to reduce drop offs and abandoned carts
  • Optimised for search engines, with all the semantics and meta information needed to give the right signals to search engines for higher rankings
  • Super fast loading times, with a technical architecture to remove friction points and enhance performance
  • Encourage first time buyers, with incentives to perform their first purchase online
  • Abandoned cart recovery, with automation to recover abandoned orders
  • Loyalty scheme, to reward recurring customers with discounts and gift vouchers
  • ERP integration, for products, customers and inventory control
  • Courier integration, for deducing shipping rates based on the selected logic
  • Easy administration, for managing products, orders, customers and viewing reports
  • Product feeds creation, to integrate with Google shopping, facebook catalogues, skroutz and bestprice
  • Promotional support, with Black Friday, free shipping campaigns, end of season sales, competitions and giveaways
  • Code that you own, as we love open source and our eshop projects are built using wordpress and woocommerce, which means that you own the code and assets of your eshop

Does all that sound like a lot? You don’t know where to start or how to go about it?

Luckily for you, we specialise in exactly all that. We have extensive experience in building custom designed e-shops that perform with great success in the digital arena. And we have the process to prove it and boy, do we love processes.

Also, you may or may not know what you need to achieve in order to take your e-shop to the next level, however we do and we are ready to up your game.

  • Increase of time duration of visit, this is a major signal of positive user experience
  • Increase of total online revenue, using a mix of strategies on search engines and social media
  • Increase of average order value (AOV), encouraging cross-sells and up-sells
  • Increase of sales for selected products / product categories, by strategically placing them on key locations during the checkout process
  • Increase of first time buyers, by giving incentives so that they perform their first purchase on your eshop
  • Increase of recurring business, by using loyalty schemes, email campaigns and discount vouchers
  • Increase of conversion rate, by capturing and analysing patterns and visitor’s data
  • Reduction of cart abandonments and checkout drop offs, by using best practices and automations
  • Increase visitors to the brick and mortar stores, by using omni-channel strategies that blend the digital world with the physical locations
Our process

Now, let’s get down to business. We have a tailor made approach and follow concrete steps to come up with the most effective strategy and action plan for your e-shop.

  • We analyse

    We understand your digital environment by analysing your current presence online, reviewing your competitors’ digital presence and defining your customers’ needs. We set out a number of commonly defined goals for your eshop, together.

  • We define

    Using data from this analysis, we define a set of actions that can be implemented to reach our goals and create a roadmap for the project. This can start from building a new shiny eshop if you are a new-comer in the field. After our asset is ready, we set out the roadmap to success. This may entail SEO optimization, copywriting, web optimization, search campaigns, display ads, social media improvements, tracking and analytics. We select the best mix according to your situation.

  • We take action

    Our team of experts moves on to execute the list of agreed actions and campaigns according to the roadmap, with meticulous attention to detail and aligned to our goals and objectives.

  • We report

    We provide regular tailor made reporting and data insights for every campaign we undertake, so that you can be up to date of the progress made and give feedback on how it has affected the business and how it can be adjusted to match its current needs.

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How Double Dot can meet your needs

In Double Dot, being a boutique ourselves, we understand the needs of your e-shop and we have a variety of services for you to pick and choose from, based on your particular needs and your wished outcome.

  • Buyer persona development

    We can help you identify the profile of your ideal customer, their needs, behaviours and goals and use this information to shape your digital asset as well as your digital marketing strategy.

  • E-shop design and development

    We can deliver a tailor made, pixel perfect, responsive eshop that you will be proud of, using best practices and following your brand’s guidelines and the persona’s needs.

  • Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

    We can audit your e-shop, to ensure maximum convertibility that will turn visits into checkouts, especially on mobile devices.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

    We can identify how users search online and ensure your eshop ranks high on Google for these keywords, by performing both onsite meta and content optimisation and link building.

  • Google ads campaigns

    We can enhance your e-shop’s online visibility, especially in peak demand seasons and ensure we are present to your buyer personas at every step of their journey using Google Search, Display, Shopping ads and remarketing.

  • Social media campaigns

    We can use social media to build awareness and increase social followings, as well as drive traffic to your eshop and increase revenue.

  • Email marketing

    We can segment/optimise your customer email list and use it to keep in touch with relevant content.

  • Inbound marketing

    We can create a content strategy for your eshop, based on best SEO practices that entail topic clusters and pillar pages and ensure maximum search engine footprint and presence.

  • Hubspot for e-shops

    We can provide a tailor-made application of Hubspot’s super powerful CRM, by setting up Marketing, Sales and Operations Hubs according to your e-shop’s needs.

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