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The literature of it all

Once upon a time the school choices were extremely limited and parents had to suck it up and trust their children in the hands of whatever school was closer. Eventually, we move from that to having a different educational institution in every corner. And forget not the ever present digital world, the online educational institutions, the learning apps and the remote learning options, which open up an infinite number of choices. The world is our oyster, either for learning another language, getting a BA or learning how to play the ukulele.

Whether you are a nursery, a language, a music, a private elementary or a high school, a private college or an IEK, you need strategies and execution, in order to have high quality prospects, so you will keep growing and our children with you.

Talk to us and let us support you, in supporting our communities.

Your needs

How do parents choose the best option for their child and how do you stand out?

A good reputation and the word of mouth are desired and valuable, however can take an institution so far. In the era of Google search and an abundance of choices, the good old fashioned mouth to mouth cannot bring enough referrals for the institution to choose high calibre candidates from, in a timely manner and to proactively fill capacity gaps in its schedule. With the competition becoming stronger and the digital world making the location boundaries looser, a sustainable growth strategy can be challenging.

In order to ace this test and move on to the next semester, you need to build awareness and increase visibility. Bring your institution in front of the right eyes, stand out from your competition and give your prospects the right answer, exactly when they are ready for you. You need to communicate your strengths and uniqueness and proudly share the success stories of your happy students. This will lead to increase the number of incoming enquiries and convey them to registrations, cross-selling additional services and reducing drop offs.

Does all that sound like a lot? You don’t know where to start or how to go about it?

Luckily for you, we specialise in strategies and execution that will drive high quality enrolments to your school. And we have done it before, with great grades.

Our process

Now, let’s get down to business. We follow concrete steps to come up with the most effective strategy and tailor made action plan for your institution. And we have the process to prove it and boy, do we love processes.

  • We analyse

    We understand your digital environment and together we set realistic goals, regarding enquiries and registrations. We review your competitors’ digital presence and apply best practices and tactics that are suitable for your school.

  • We define

    Using data from this analysis, we define a set of actions that can be implemented to reach our goals and create a roadmap for the project. SEO optimization, copywriting, web optimization, search campaigns, display ads, social media improvements, tracking and analytics. We select the best mix according to your situation.

  • We take action

    Our team of experts moves on to execute the list of agreed actions and campaigns, according to the roadmap, with meticulous attention to detail and alignment with our goals and objectives.

  • We report

    We provide regular tailor made reporting and data insights, for every campaign we undertake so that you can be up to date of the progress made and give feedback on how it has affected the business and how it can be adjusted to match the School’s current needs.

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How can DD meet your needs

In Double Dot, we understand the needs of your institution and, as the boutique we are, we have a variety of services for you to pick and choose from, based on your particular needs and your desired outcome.

  • Buyer persona development

    We can help you identify the profile of your ideal customer, their needs, behaviours and goals and use this information to shape our digital marketing strategy.

  • Website design and development

    We can deliver a tailor made, pixel perfect, responsive website that you will be proud of, using best practices and following your brand’s guidelines and the persona’s needs.

  • Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

    We can audit your website to ensure maximum convertibility that will turn visits into registration requests, especially on mobile devices.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

    We can identify how users search online and ensure your website ranks high on Google for these keywords, by performing both onsite meta and content optimisation and link building.

  • Google ads campaigns

    We can enhance your institution’s online visibility, especially in peak demand seasons and ensure we are present to your buyer personas at every step of their journey, using Google Search, Display ads and remarketing.

  • Social media campaigns

    We can use social media to build awareness and increase social followings, as well as convert traffic to the website of your institution.

  • Email marketing

    We can segment/optimise your current email list and use it to keep in touch with existing, new and potential students with an attractive look and feel and a relevant content.

  • Inbound marketing

    We can create a content strategy for your website, based on best SEO practices that entail topic clusters and pillar pages and ensure maximum search engine footprint and presence.

  • Registration process automation & optimisation

    We can streamline your registration process after the enquiry and use automations and workflows to nurture your leads and ensure maximum convertibility to registrations.

  • Hubspot for Education

    We can provide a tailor-made application of Hubspot’s super powerful CRM, by setting up Marketing, Sales and Operations Hubs according to your institution’s needs.

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