Service Overview

Newsletter Campaigns

Service Overview

The drama of it all

Newsletters. You know, those things that keep spamming your inbox and you never read. Exactly. Now look at the other end of the story. The sender. That poor bastard, who is struggling to create content, update the recipients’ list, find time to send via email, being blocked, ending up in spam, never clicked on and being sworn at. Such a waste of words, time, energy and brain cells, for absolutely no gain.

The truth is though that the email marketing story, told right, can be an integral component of any ecommerce / lead generation marketing strategy, as it provides another channel to reach your target audience. If this is enhanced by some sensible automation, the results can be truly worth the effort.

How would you like a happily ever after, for your newsletter story? Are you ready to start growing your email list and connecting with your customers better? Do you want your email campaigns to go out regularly to your list? Do we hear you say that you don’t know how to create and organise your audience or what type of emails you need to be sending out? Enter us. Double Dot. We get it. And we love seeing how a clean, beautifully-designed email campaign can grow a business.

Consider us your outsourced email marketing team.
You want to go about it yourself?

Our team can take complete care of your Mailchimp campaigns, strategising your email marketing and reporting back to you.

  • Setup

    • Setup of your Mailchimp account
    • Set up templates for your newsletters
    • Integration between Mailchimp and your website
    • Set up email automation and mail flows
  • Clean up

    • Identify and remove inactive contacts
    • Keep track of your contacts data
    • Organise and upload new contacts
    • List segmentation
    • Monitor and test that everything works
  • Planning & Growth

    • Start or grow your list to its full potential
    • Strategy and planning
    • Third-party integrations
    • Lead nurturing
    • Lead magnets
  • Management & automation

    • Use your ecommerce program to increase sales, encourage repeat business and recover missed opportunities
    • Create content and graphics
    • Configure email scheduling and delivery
    • Abandoned cart recovery
    • Monthly or weekly newsletters
  • Reporting & Optimisation

    • Use your report metrics (subscribers, open-rate, click-through rate and conversions) to influence, inform and improve your next campaign
    • Post-campaign analysis
    • Monthly reporting
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Why Double Dot, you ask?

We serve as your full-service email marketing team taking email marketing off your plate.

  • Goal

    Our main goal is to show you the benefits of consistent email marketing. Give us a few months of managing consistent email campaigns for your company and you’ll start to see how your bottom line can grow exponentially. This is right down our alley.

  • Process

    Our team plans, designs, formats, tests and schedules your weekly or monthly email campaigns for you.

  • Expertise

    We definitely know digital marketing and, cherry on top, we know Mailchimp with the cute little monkey logo, one of the most used email marketing platforms for a reason. They offer a fantastic email service and lots of technology that will help with that.

Let’s get you out of the spam and in front of the right eyes


Here is what some of our clients say about our newsletter campaigns.

  • One of our most important partners in the last 10 years, they have significantly contributed to the success of our business!
  • We are absolutely happy with our collaboration. Double Dot Team knows perfectly the work that needs to be done, we fondly appreciate the family vibe and the personalised support you are providing.
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We love using these tools when working on newsletter campaigns.

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