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Website updates & change requests

Service Overview

It’s alive!

Yes, it is! And that’s how it should be, otherwise it’s outdated and rather boring, like your mum’s furniture. I mean, they’re comfy and familiar, full of memories and everything, but you wouldn’t want them in your living room. You would update them (see what we did here?).

A top-performing website or e-shop is a living, breathing, changing asset for your business. Building and maintaining it is more than just a one-time thing, as technology, your business and your clients’ needs are ever changing and evolving.

From updating your website to the latest version to ensure top performance and safety, to adapting to new business needs by adding new features and functionality, Double Dot has got you covered with high quality support services you can rely on.

Our team of experienced digital project managers, web designers and web developers offers top notch web support services so that your website is always at its best!
Why is solid support important?

Have the ease of mind to focus on your business and let us take care of your digital shopfront!

  • Updates and maintenance

    Aside from avocados and buying a new car off the lot, there are very few things that expire or depreciate faster than technology. Whether your site needs a tune up, a new feature added or just a few updates completed, website support provides the full-service work that you need to get “in and out of the shop” quickly and efficiently.

  • Emergency support

    What do you do if your website goes down? Website support has you covered. This doesn’t happen often, but hacked websites are a danger in the web industry. With website support, your website is protected from hacks and potential predators by the latest, greatest and strongest security updates.

  • Your business needs change over time

    With technology, culture, and customer thinking as variables in the business world, change must be expected and your website must be dynamic. Your website needs flexibility and it needs to stay fresh — that means, aside from content and images, some of the other moving parts will need to be adjusted and/or added to as time goes on.

  • Your clients’ needs change over time

    Your clients are ever-evolving variables in your business model and the audience that you always want to captivate, with your business offerings. In addition to evolving client preferences, the types of things your clients are looking for and needing from your company will be changing and evolving as well. A solid web support team can help you adapt to these changes and have your website remain relevant to your clients.

Web support by Double Dot

We offer various web support packages, so that you can choose the one that is right for you:

  • Ticket based support

    For ease of mind and the lower rates, this is the support package to go for. You get priority service to the double dot support team, your dedicated support manager and a hefty discount on our hourly rates. Support tickets are pre-purchased, they don’t expire and can be used for any support action on your website.

  • Pay-as-you-go support

    For maximum flexibility, this package is for those projects with little support needs over the year. Each support request is treated and quoted separately and is then handed over to our support team in order to be materialised.

  • Support retainers

    This option is better suited for bigger projects with frequent support needs. A dedicated support team is made up of experienced digital project managers and web developers who manage your day to day requirements and requests via a support desk for a fixed monthly retainer fee.

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