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Service Overview

Time to glam you up

Instagram. The place where influencer is a job. Filters, fake lives, followers, product promos and over 2 billion active users, ready to be influenced. Instagram has established itself as one of the leading social media platforms out there today. It has a huge, diverse online community with a younger, more engaging audience. Instagram ads are ideal for awareness campaigns, brand consideration and e-commerce with one of the best return on ad spend (ROAS) compared to other social media platforms.

With Instagram Ads, you can reach out to millions of Instagram users to promote your services and products. The best part is that you don’t have to become an influencer, gather followers and create content. Double Dot can help you translate your business goals into a high performing strategy that utilises Instagram ads and implement it, by creating stunning visual assets and deciding where and how they should be shown on Instagram. We do the job, you get the glam.

Join us, let’s Instaglam your business and influence those billions of potential followers
Why Instagram?

Utilise Instagram to communicate your business offering, with a highly creative, visual content.

  • Get access to one most engaging audience in the world

    Users engage with branded content on Instagram, more than on any other platform. This offers an opportunity to boost user-generated content, hashtags for your business and encourage shares, likes and comments.

  • Reach new audiences with ease

    Get your brand in front of new, high-intent audience, utilising features such as location tags, Reels and the ‘Discover’ feed.

  • Simplicity and creative comfort

    Instagram’s simple, yet super visually engaging format, allows for creative content to stand out and perform better.

  • Great for e-commerce

    One of the best performing ad types for e-commerce, utilising your eshop product catalogue, to generate automated product ads with links back to your website.

  • Brand awareness

    Great for getting your ideal customers acquainted with your brand, utilising creative, visual content.

  • Get results fast

    Once ad campaigns are set up and go live, they start working immediately and begin showing your brand/products to potentially millions of people, instantly.

  • Excellent targeting options

    Since its acquisition by Facebook in 2012, Instagram ads are integrated with Facebook, therefore sharing rich segmentation options, lookalike audiences, data insights and reporting capabilities with the number one social media platform in the world.

  • Measure your success

    Measure impressions, clicks, likes, comments, video views & purchases and see which ads perform better, so as to boost the return on your investment.

What Double Dot will do for you

Double Dot has a proven process, to get the most out of your Instagram marketing budget.

  • Set the campaign goals

    We will work together to understand your business and translate its goals into the right Instagram ads objectives.

  • Find the right audience

    Our team of highly qualified professionals will dig into Instagram’s extensive segmentation options, to find the right audience for your campaign’s needs.

  • Set the Optimal campaign structure

    Your campaign will be set up, using best practices in terms of structure and hierarchy, so that it can have solid foundations for optimal performance.

  • Create engaging visuals

    We will create super engaging visuals that stand out of the competition and strengthen your brand’s message.

  • Budget management

    To ensure that your campaigns stay within the agreed budget, our team of experts monitor the cost of each campaign daily, to prevent overspending.

  • Remarketing

    We will use remarketing to optimise your message to users that have already been exposed to your offering.

  • Correct tracking usage

    Ensure tracking is in place correctly on all ads, so that performance results can be measured from all campaigns.

  • Measure and optimise

    Once the ads are up and running, we will use the results to fine tune and optimise your campaign.

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Why with Double Dot, you ask?

Double Dot has years of experience and a number of successful campaigns under our belt, we know how to get the job done.

  • Tailor made approach

    We don’t have a super market approach, every project we undertake is different and we take the necessary time, in order to fully understand its needs.

  • High quality visuals

    Our experienced creative team will deliver high quality, engaging banners, animated visuals and videos, to accommodate your Instagram ads campaign.

  • Team with great experience

    Our team has more than 10 years of experience in running Instagram Ads, across various industries.

  • Standard daily, weekly and monthly checks

    We are proud to have developed our internal operating process, in terms of how your campaign will be managed, with daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

  • Your own designated account manager

    No middle people and lost in translation. Your dedicated account manager will thoroughly understand your project and map its needs on Instagram Ads platform.

  • Access to Instagram’s premium support

    We are in direct contact with Instagram specialists for questions, insights and support that can offer an extra boost to your account’s performance.

  • Focus on bottom line results

    Our goal is always to improve your return on investment.

  • Data driven decisions

    We will always have your best interest in mind and support our actions with data we gather from the campaigns.

  • Custom reporting

    We are proud to offer detailed and tailor-made reporting for each project we undertake, which forms the basis of our discussion for campaign results, optimisation and next steps.

  • Consulting

    We will proactively advise you on best practices, changes in the trends, new technologies in the horizon and legislations that may affect your campaigns online.

Let’s roar the Instagram with the best ROAS.


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