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YouTube Ads

Service Overview

Don’t be skipped

YouTube is the place where you can binge watch real crimes, find videos on how to knit and skip ads, interrupting your knitting session. But what if the ad is so cool that you will not skip it? And even better, what if that cool ad is yours and a vast audience is watching it? With YouTube Ads, it can be your company advertised on the platform that everyone is watching, reaching out to new prospects and interrupting videos, in a really meaningful way, so people won’t skip and in a really cost-effective way, with different billing models.

With various ad formats to choose from in the YouTube ecosystem, YouTube advertising can be a cost-effective way to communicate your message to the desired target audience. Maybe now you want to reflect on why you’re watching the specific ads on YouTube. You’re targeted for a reason, as it’s highly customizable and connected to Google’s rich data resources, for optimal segmentation and targeting.

Double Dot is a registered Google Partner, with certified YouTube specialists that can help you deliver a high performing YouTube Ads campaign, tailored to your individual goals. Let’s interrupt someone’s conspiracy theory video together.

Your customers are on YouTube. With YouTube ads, your business is there too.
Why YouTube?

Capture your audience attention on the second largest search engine in the world by:

  • Amazing visibility

    YouTube is owned by Google and it is currently the second largest search engine in the world – it participates in the Google Ads platform as a significant channel for online advertising.

  • Unparalleled reach

    Be present on the platform that everyone is watching and reach audiences when they watch or search videos on YouTube.

  • Highly engaging ad format

    Video is the most engaging ad format of all and on YouTube we can have visibility equal or sometimes superior to TV ads.

  • Exceptional targeting options

    Using filters that include demographics, location, language, custom interests, in market intend, as well as devices and time of day your video content will only reach the right audience at the right time.

  • Various placement types

    TrueView, Bumper Ads, Outstream Video Ads or Masthead, there are various ad formats available depending on the goals of the campaign.

  • Fair, pay-per-view model

    Paying only for those users who have seen your ad, makes YouTube one of the most cost effective channels for brand awareness and reaching your target audience on scale.

What Double Dot can do for you

Partner up with Double Dot and our team of certified YouTube marketers, will harness the power of YouTube ads for your brand by:

  • Engaging content creation

    We can help you generate video content that performs well on YouTube Ads, using all the best practices and formats.

  • Target the right audience

    We can help your business identify their target audience on YouTube and monitor how they behave within its ecosystem, to ensure your content reaches them at the right time, in the right frequency.

  • Optimal campaign structure

    Your campaign will be set up, using best practises in terms of structure and hierarchy, so that it can have solid foundations for optimal performance.

  • Budget management

    Ensure that your campaigns stay within the agreed budget, as our team of experts monitor the cost of each campaign daily, to prevent overspending and ensure the campaign’s goals are reached.

  • Bidding strategy

    We will identify the best bidding strategy for your campaign, based on the desired outcome, competition and costs.

  • Correct tracking usage

    Ensure tracking is in place correctly on all ads, so that performance results can be measured from all campaigns.

  • Measure your success

    Measure impressions, video views, clicks & conversions and see which ads perform better, so as to boost the return on your investment.

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Why with Double Dot, you ask?

Double Dot has years of experience and a number of successful YouTube campaigns under our belt, we know how to get the job done.

  • Tailor made approach

    We don’t have a super market approach, every project we undertake is different and we take the necessary time, in order to fully understand its needs.

  • Ongoing optimisation

    We keep upping our game and with it, yours too.

  • Team with great experience

    Our team has extensive experience in running YouTube ad campaigns, for various brands and verticals

  • Standard daily, weekly and monthly checks

    We are proud to have developed our internal operating process, in terms of how your campaign will be managed, with daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

  • Your own designated account manager

    No middle people and lost in translation. Your dedicated account manager will thoroughly understand your project and map its needs on Google Ads platform.

  • Access to Google premium support

    We are official Google Partners, so we are in direct contact with Google managers for questions, insights and support that can offer extra boost to your account’s performance.

  • Focus on bottom line results

    Our goal is always to improve your return on investment.

  • Data driven decisions

    We will always have your best interest in mind and support our actions with data we gather from the campaigns.

  • Custom reporting

    We are proud to offer detailed and tailor-made reporting for each project we undertake, which forms the basis of our discussion for campaign results, optimization and next steps.

  • Consulting

    We will proactively advise you on best practices, changes in the trends, new technologies in the horizon and legislations that may affect your campaigns online.

Talk to Double Dot and we will create the most efficient video ad interruption, ever


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